Mission Aviation Camp

Hear from experienced Army, Air Force, Navy, Airline and Missionary pilots! Fly in different types of aircraft including, helicopter, airplane, gyroplanes and more. Work with your team to learn and accomplish goals together. Camp instruction will in include - map reading, night flying, night vision, navigation, communication, aerodynamics and much more! Email info@trinity-camp.org or call […]

Men’s Retreat 2022

ENGAGE: Challenging the Moral Revolution Session 1 The Nature of the Conflict Session 4 The Truth about Gender Session 2 The Diversity Issue Session 5 Understanding Sex Biblically Session 3 Is Christianity Homophobic? Session 6 The Meaning of Masculinity REGISTER TODAY! (Must be age 18+ to attend) CLICK HERE About the Speakers Paul Andrews is […]

Escape the Craziness of Day-to-Day Life

Find it in Trinity Camp & Retreat Center to escape the daily hustle & bustle and reconnect physically, emotionally, or spiritually.