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The traditional summer youth camp program is still alive and well, bringing students in for a week-long adventure in nature, combining exciting events with incredible opportunities for spiritual growth. We also offer special focus weeks, such as a Leadership Development Retreat for high school students who feel called to enter a non-profit career field. We also now offer a "Faith-and-Fitness" retreat, aiding adults of all ages in both physical fitness and spiritual health.

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We need to raise $10,200 to replace the existing doors! At Trinity Camp and Retreat Center, we strive to create an environment for guests to recoup, recharge and refocus. Unfortunately, our cabins' front and emergency doors are extremely old and not working properly.

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About Trinity Camp & Retreat Center

In the summer of 1963, a group of faithful men and women from Trinity Baptist Church loaded onto a school bus and drove two hours from Jacksonville, FL to a small patch of land in Melrose, FL. With utmost devotion to Christ and a desire to foster that same passion within our youth, these individuals built Trinity Youth Camp from the ground up, brick by brick. The next summer, the camp opened its doors for the first time and has been in operation for 55 consecutive years.

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13-Week Veteran Only Training Camp

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