About Trinity Camp & Retreat Center

About Trinity Camp & Retreat Center

A Legacy of Life-change

In the summer of 1963, a group of faithful men and women from Trinity Baptist Church loaded onto a school bus and drove two hours from Jacksonville, FL to a small patch of land in Melrose, FL. With utmost devotion
to Christ and a desire to foster that same passion within our youth, these individuals built Trinity Youth Camp from the ground up, brick by brick. The next summer, the camp opened its doors for the first time and has been in operation for 55 consecutive years.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Over the past five decades, the camp has grown to an excess of 100 acres and has seen thousands of individuals reached for Jesus. We offer young people a week-long adventure in nature with exciting events and activities, always keeping the end goal in mind - spiritual growth. We also offer special "focus weeks" on leadership development for high school students who feel called to enter a non-profit career field.

Statistics above are from the ACA Youth Outcomes Study.

In to Fitness?

Our main focus is an individual's spiritual health, but physical health is important too. Having 100+ acres provides plenty of room for workouts and fitness challenges! Keep an eye out on our calendar for upcoming "Faith-and-Fitness" retreats designed for the whole family.

We're Here for You

Our team understands how tough Ministry work can be, that's why we offer our facility free of charge for those in full time Christian service. If you need a space where your organization can escape the craziness of everyday life, contact us. Trinity Camp and Retreat Center is here to support you and your team.

Escape the Craziness of Day-to-Day Life

Find it in Trinity Camp & Retreat Center to escape the daily hustle & bustle and reconnect physically, emotionally, or spiritually.