New Doors Campaign

New Doors Campaign

We need your help!

We need to raise $10,200 to replace the existing doors!

At Trinity Camp and Retreat Center, we strive to create an environment for guests to recoup, recharge and refocus. Unfortunately, our cabins' front and emergency doors are extremely old and not working properly.

These doors not only create a safety hazard for our guests but also decrease each building's energy efficiency, causing us to waste money on electricity.

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To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we need to replace these doors with new ones ASAP.

Your contribution will go a long way in providing a safer and more comfortable experience for the children, students and adults who enjoy summer camps, retreats, and activities here. With new doors, we can offer a better experience for all our guests, allowing them to focus on enjoying their time here and connecting with God, nature, and each other.

Every donation makes a difference. No matter the amount, your gift will help us achieve our goal of providing a peaceful and refreshing experience for everyone. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

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